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Airfreight OfficeProviding worldwide airfreight import & export services for urgency and convenience. Courier despatch and general cargo receive the same close attention. Where possible airfreight is consolidated and despatched palletised or non-palletised through our own offices in UK, USA, China and Hong Kong, supported by a global network of Agents.

The size of your cargo presents no problem, it’s the speed and transit time you need it to reach your destination that’s important. Airfreight solutions and flexible, cost-effective air freight rates resolve demanding cargo requirements.

The impossible is sometimes achievable, ask the client that needed the equivalent of 3 x 20′ containers air freighted from Hong Kong during Chinese New Year celebrations this year. Job Done!

Our long-standing relationship with airlines, overseas agents & business partners enables us to offer a complete door to door service for import & export consignments by air.

Airfreight is all about urgency, but it is also important that it’s cost-effective and a justifiable expense. We make sure that the airlines are aware of your needs and negotiate the very best airfreight rates based on our experience and volume of business with them. These cost savings are passed to you to fall within budget and estimated costs.

Airfreight is Quicker (?)

Common sense tells us that this should be true, and clearly the main reason anyone would consider airfreight, bearing in mind the cost differential.

However, busy periods, particularly the start of new seasons and public holidays like Christmas or Diwali and bad weather make airfreight space a premium. We have had evidence of up to 4 weeks delay before goods are loaded onto primary carriers due to a backlog at busy times.

It’s times like these when you need a strategy and planning as well as good contacts. It’s not always what you know but who you know that can get things done.

Call our central offices and speak to Paula on 0208 150 9232 or E-mail her at: or hit the link and give us your details for an immediate Airfreight quotation.

Only those prepared to respond quickly, reliably and directly to market development can survive in business these days. Thinking and acting cost-effectively is particularly important. In addition, you need to be able to guarantee exceptional flexibility and mobility to provide the best possible quality of service to clients.

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