July 11, 2016

Special Projects

special project shipping

Special Projects where there’s not an expediting
Problem Too Big to handle

Whoa there, that’s a big statement; but then problem solving comes with the territory. FreightPal offer expert solutions for moving out of gauge cargo and special projects worldwide using specialist equipment and shipping methods. Apart from the obvious  challenges of deciding the best mode and type of transport, the logistic permits and authorizations where necessary and chosen route must be considered and approved. We don’t want the cargo sinking on a side road or getting stuck under a low bridge. By the way, not all oversize cargo looks spectacular when on the move. Boring old heavyweights need just as much attention.

Risk assessment and local Health and Safety regulations are to be met and the whole project should be carried out with impeccable precision and military timing. Our most recent project was moving disused plant and machinery from the USA to Scotland presented its own logistical challenges. It was decided to be more economical and practical to ship rather than try and replace the equipment which meant Special handling equipment and special permission  to close roads and arrange traffic escort after presenting a Health and Safety report and Risk Assessment to the authorities.